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Starting with build 16 After installation and for future use, follow the first three steps listed above
Par exemple, avec le domaine coolexample Office 365 allows you to work with common Microsoft applications from the web and offers cloud storage All current University of Utah students, staff, and faculty are eligible to use a University of Utah Office 365 account

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Vous pouvez également vous connecter à votre messagerie en utilisant le nom de domaine de votre messagerie.

[SOLVED] Outlook 2016 & Office 365 Keeps Asking For Password
You can also use this mechanism to redirect people to AD FS, as Microsoft have done for their corporate tenant:
[SOLVED] Outlook 2016 & Office 365 Keeps Asking For Password
How to fix Office 365 sign
Your patience is much appreciated and thank you for contacting Microsoft Partner Cloud Support
Microsoft has us going through the gamut of sending logs and finding nothing This was the last response we got from them yesterday on the issue: Thank you for your time on call
It's almost like Outlook is changing the credentials and won't accept anything other than the email address and password as login Once the apps on the Dynamics home page have moved to , we will provide a banner redirecting users to their new home

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~100 people in company.

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For other ways to access Dynamics 365 and Office apps, see
Office 365 Login
Since last week, a lot of our users are bothered by Outlook 2016's credentials prompt
[SOLVED] Outlook 2016 & Office 365 Keeps Asking For Password
Im seeing a few clients affected by it Outlook 2016, using Office365 subscription for apps but in house Exchange 2013